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About the Artist

Reineke Muller was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in June 1963.

Reineke's jewellery career started in 2005 with metalsmithing classes from Sandra Zilker at the Glassell Art School in Houston. Upon reading more about jewellery Reineke got interested in Precious Metal Clay, and joined classes and workshops at LLU in Houston by Cheryl Lucas. She obtained her PMC Certificate Level I with Sherry Fotopoulos in San Antonio, TX, USA.

End 2006 Reineke left the US to move to Sakhalin Island in Russia and continued her training every time she was on homeleave in the Netherlands to learn new techniques and to upgrade her skills. She took classes from Yolanda Nieuwboer (Golden Art Design), Ari Swatantri (Jazzilver) and Noortje Meijerink (Keramiek Noortje Meijerink). On Sakhalin Island she worked extensively with PMC. Her most popular jewellery piece has been a pendant in the shape of Sakhalin Island of which she has made more than 150 pieces.

In June 2009 Reineke moved to Dubai where she learned further jewellery techniques from Lia Staehlin. In February 2009 Reineke started teaching intro PMC workshops from home.

At the end of April 2010 she moved to Singapore where she has been continuing her training and learning several other jewellery techniques. She joined classes at JDMIS (Jewellery Design & Managament International School) by Tanja Sadow and Erica DelGardo.

In August 2010 Reineke established Dutch Jewellery Creations where she offered introduction and follow-up PMC workshops. 

While living in Singapore Reineke also started to make byzantine chainmaille jewellery from sterling silver. This type of jewellery has been proven to be very popular due to it's versatility.

In May 2014 Reineke moved to Moscow and continued her training during visits to the Netherlands to learn new techniques and upgrade her skills. She took classes from Henriëtte van Battum (Studio Nevada's Dream) and Edith van Leeuwen (Atelier ArtiChic).

In 2017 her necklace "Transition" has been included in Hadar Jacobson's book on dvd "Mixed metal jewellery from metal clay".

In 2019 she joined classes in Moscow to learn more about the other types of metal clay (e.g. copper clay, bronze clay etc.) and new techniques at Metal Clay Studio Moscow by Alexander Kraft.

In September 2019 Reineke moved to Perth WA. From July 2020 she has been offering introduction and follow-up PMC workshops on location.

Copyright © Reineke Muller. All Rights Reserved. None of the jewellery designs may be reproduced in any form without written consent from the designer.

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